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  5. "नेहा वहाँ थी ।"

"नेहा वहाँ थी "

Translation:Neha was there.

August 8, 2019



नेहा वहाँ थी और किलरौई यहाँ था


Why is this translated in the simple past tense whereas other as "used to" such as used to sing? Does it depend on the verb?


Good question. I guess the root of the confusion is that the verb होना is used as a tense auxiliary.

So, नेहा वहाँ थी is the simple past 'Neha was there' and 'नेहा वहां होती थी' is the imperfect past tense 'Neha used to be there'. In the first sentence, होना is the main verb and in the second sentence, it is both the main verb and the auxiliary.

Note: नेहा वहां होती थी' sounds somewhat unnatural and I provided the sentence only as an example.

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