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My life with duolingo

Oof I started duolingo like 2 months before and for 2 weeks I have been doing it like 24/7 then the next day I got freaking tired of it then two months later I got an email of it and it said you shall not pass if you dont live with duolingo. Its freaking hilarious!

August 8, 2019

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I find very strange that you train 24/7 with Duolingo. Its mission is to let us have fun while learning languages, not to exhaust us while doing lessons beyond the capacity of any brain to remember. Go back to normal practice, with 10 XP every day you will already do much progress. Of course you can do 100 XP specially with the Arab course because it is full of reading letters and less new words per lesson compared to the other languages I tested. I hope you will now enjoy it and in the long term.

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