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  5. "حاسوب اَلْأُسْتاذة"

"حاسوب اَلْأُسْتاذة"

Translation:the professor's computer

August 8, 2019



I thought in English there's no need for a definite atricle when the object is already defined as professor's


That's only if the professor is named. For example "Professor Sam's computer", but "the professor's computer" because the name serves to define it.


Is the final ب what indicates possession in Arabic?


The ب in حاسوب is part of the root of the word (ح س ب like حسب "to calculate"). What makes this construction possessive is putting the person who possesses the computer second (the professor in this case), kind of like an adjective.

If you only wanted to say "her computer" though, all you need to do is is put ه at the end of حاسوب, like حاسوبه. "My computer" needs a ي, making it حاسوبي. Each possessive pronoun is a suffix like that.

"The professor's computer and my computer" حاسوب الأساذ وحاسوبي

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