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Bahasa Indonesia pemendekan kata2

Saya tak tahu di mana saya bisa belajar beberapa Bahasa Indonesia pemendekan kata2. Ada yg bisa bantu saya!? Terima kasih banyak!!

August 8, 2019



Apa pemendekan kata yang kamu maksud seperti "I am= I'm, you are=you're, " dalam bahasa Inggris?


I mean word shortenings in Indonesian, like yang to yg, juga to jg, berkali to kali, sangat to sngt, bagus to bgus, etc etc.


You need to be actively texting indonesians to know/get used to these.

Also keep in mind that we're doing this because we're reaaaaally lazy, so, protip: the shorter the better. Bgus is better than bagus, but bgs is even better (and thus is used more) Sangat would be sgt (lol I know, when does it stop)

I say this because that's how I came to learn all these abbreviations; from texting my friends as we were growing up.

If you're having trouble looking for native speakers to chat with, there's a facebook group called "subtle indonesian traits" (it's filled with indonesians who are all over the world, basically a subgroup of subtle asian traits), either stick around to watch how people type, or introduce yourself and talk about how you want to learn abbreviations. Many would be willing to help.

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