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  5. "Feed the visitor."

"Feed the visitor."

Translation:E hānai i ka mea kipa.

August 8, 2019



Okay so literally, in English this would be "Feed the visit thing," right? Kokua mai, ke ‘olu‘olu. I'm not following the logic here. What meaning of "mea" am I missing?


Aloha e @BethKing-M , this is something that a lot of people struggle with, so definitely do not feel singled out by having a hard time with this one, Mai hopohopo!

"mea" in Hawaiian translates roughly to the "thing, one, person, stuff." If you are familiar with Pidgin (Hawaiian Creole), "mea" would be the closest to how we use "da kine." When using "da kine" correctly, itʻs really all about context as to what you are referring to, this is the same with "mea." Now given this, we could translate "E hānai i ka mea kipa." to:

  • Feed/take care of the visitor. (a person who visits)
  • Feed the visitor. (could be an animal)
  • Feed the one visiting. (letʻs say by context you were talking about birds in the front yard and only one came up to the door where you are.)

I hope this helps a bit!


The key doesn't recognize malihini = visitor.
Wehewehe.org give this definition: nvs. Stranger, foreigner, newcomer, tourist, guest, company


I'll accept malihini here.

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