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  5. "You eat that."

"You eat that."

Translation:Kamu makan itu.

August 8, 2019



Why is it "Kamu makan itu" and not "Kamu itu makan"?


Kamu makan itu = you eat that

Kamu itu makan = you eat/ate

"Itu" can roughly be equivalent to "is" or "are", but once again, it sounds weirder and makes less sense than "kamu itu makan".

Something like "kamu itu makan nasi", which means "you (just) ate rice" makes a lot more sense. The word "nasi" (meaning "rice") can be replaced with any food though.


Even as an Indonesian, 'Kamu itu makan.' is just weird. Indonesian (almost) follows ghe same rules as English.


O myyyy.. no conjugation for me, you, he she it they like in Spanish ommmmmmm


this is the weirdest indonesian sentence I ever heard. It's very unnatural, as if the person is forcing the other to eat.


Yes it sounds weird, and that is informal sentence

The formal: Kamu memakan itu And this formal sentence is not weird

Please fix this Duolingo


Kamu kinda sounds Japanese.

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