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  5. "My name is Rawad."

"My name is Rawad."

Translation:اِسْمي رَواد.

August 9, 2019



Would انا اسمي رواد also be correct?

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should be - though there would be no need to add (aná) in the beginning (we call it something like stuffing word that doesn't add much meaning). But it's correct


Lebanese here. Probably late on this but yes it's the same thing. Adding انا is not wrong but it's redundant since you can already tell by the ending of the word اسم.

اسمي == my name

اسمك == your name

etc... with all the other possible endings

Omitting pronouns is more common when talking to someone, whereas you'll see these pronouns added most of the time in texts, documents, on the news, etc...

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