Scottish Gaelic Resources

Halò! I've noticed quite a few people on the Irish forum have expressed interest (but lack of resources) in Scottish Gaelic, so I'm here to share some free resources to get started on Gaelic!



General Resources:



・part 1 in a series of pronunciation & basic gàidhlig videos:

・MangoLanguages, which has a Scottish Gaelic course (there's also a mobile app):

・A list of more resources:

・And more resources:

Other media for gàidhlig practice:

・Playlist of gàidhlig music: list=PLMsCSYwWSRTxcugDfDlsfT8GUuj2ulSBZ

・Resources for Bannan, a BBC show entirely in gàidhlig:

・Short film in gàidhlig:

・Gàidhlig radio:

・Playlist of vlogs in gàidhlig:


Some tips from a fellow learner: Work on sentence structure and basic vocab first--don't worry about getting too in-depth all at once. Try using things you're interested in--like listen to music in gàidhlig and pick your favorite song, then study the vocab from it! (example: Try to integrate some gàidhlig into your daily life, even if it's just listening to music or the gàidhlig radio ( in the background while you do laundry. Get used to the sounds of the language! Good luck! Mar sin leibh.

August 9, 2019

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glossika offers gaelic as one of their free courses.

August 13, 2019
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