To the ones who are starting a new language

about two years ago I started to learn new languages because I was done with English but the hunger in me was not. SO I decided to learn Russian. At first I made lists of words and Memorized Lots Of grammar rules. I thought I was doing good. Then After 5 Months or so I met with my precious Russian teacher. I attended one of the Beginners courses. At first she was amazed with my knowledge and word memory. But then Turns out that I learned most of the Pronunciations wrongly. From then She always said me that I should have started learning it with a native speaker and learnt the pronunciations correctly. And now she learnt that I am into Bokmal and searching every other course to find a native speaker. (tbh ı am sooo lucky to have a teacher like this)

What I am trying to say is, use duolingo or any other apps or sources as an additon to a real language learning course. you may learn something terribly wrong and believe me it's easier to learn it while speaking (may not work for some of us)

Also at our school we have arabic lessons and our arabic teacher does not know well how to speak turkish. I was not really into arabic and just tried to learn what we will have in the exams but now that she always spoke to us in arabic I can understand most of the conversations in arabic while having problems with putting words together.

August 9, 2019, 10:32 AM


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