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  5. "Rosa is from Australia."

"Rosa is from Australia."

Translation:روزا مِن أُسْتُرالْيا.

August 9, 2019



I am starting the discussion to enable the audio

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and the audio is wrong actually


I don't understand why there is an "e" over the "t" in Australia, is there a "u" sound somewhere or is it sort of silent ?

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The audio is wrong. Australia in Arabic is spelled as (usturályá), hence Dhamma was written over تُ.



Good to know. But I think in many other exercises it was written with sukuun over ت, hence several people's surprise here.

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Here, I'm not sure about it. And I wouldn't count on it either. Many sentences and names suggested by Duolingo here are just mimics for the English counterpart. It doesn't go this way with Arabic transliteration and naming conventions. The tendency in Arabic is to avoid consonantal clusters as much as possible (they exist, but regulated to some extent). In Australia we have a cluster of (-str-), so moving the (t) with a vowel makes it easier and more natural for a typical speaker.

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