A tip for Arabic Duolingoers

Hello everyone,
Just a quick tip, since I've not been able to type any article lately, and I thought this might be helpful to some extent, to those who are trying to learn on Duolingo.
My tip is: Mute the sound and whenever you are faced with a listening question that you must type, skip it by clicking Can't Listen Right Now. That will give you one hour of practicing without any such questions. If you can also mute the whole website/app that would make it better.


Well, it turns out that the audio here is done by a speech machine which apparently was not made and not perfected for Arabic. I think as a learner, this would be even more confusing to you as a new comer to Arabic. Of course hearing is essential to learn the language but imagine what you are hearing is, simply, wrong; The disaster is even greater that way, isn't it? I've recently realized that as I'm doing my daily dose of Turkish exercises and I've realized that the audio is also sounding strange for some words and this is beside some of the technical problems that might occur from time to time. Clicking the slow playback button doesn't help all the time as well. For Arabic though it is more than that. It is a complete DISASTER because the speech machine is not adequate at all - Putting Tanwin where it doesn't belong and spelling names wrong, and even aggressively destroying the grammar. I think the damage of such speech machine to learning Arabic is more than the benefits that you, as new comers, would gain from it. So, my tip for you: Keep on learning the writing skills and the letters, and keep that speech machine off.

As for substitutes, I really don't have much resources at hand for proper Arabic sounding. But all I can suggest is Youtube... despite having the dominance to dialects, rather than MSA.

Good Luck!

August 9, 2019, 12:15 PM


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