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"My teacher George is amazing."

Translation:مُعَلِّمي جورْج مُمْتاز.

August 9, 2019



Please, help me to understand the difference between mu3allim and ustad; Duo seems to accept professor for both of them

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According to Duolingo, they use أستاذ for "professor". But I have to say this word is also used for teachers in the Arab world, as well sometimes using it for elders or for professionals. The word أستاذ is the origin for the Spanish "Usted".
The word معلم (mu3allim) is teacher in general. Beside that, also in the dialects they use this word like the previous one (specially for someone professional)... it is pretty common term in Egypt.


thank you! Ustad/usted had not come to my mind, I feel my tough arab experience is even more rewarding.


Hi, the similarity between usted and ʾustāḏ is completely coincidental actually. Spanish "usted" comes from older Spanish "vuestra merced" ("your mercy"). Compare its Portuguese equivalent "você"(


...Portuguese "você" (from "vossa mercê") and Catalan "vostè" (from "vostra mercè"). The Arabic term is from Persian "ostâd".


Et ça recommence l'incohérence dans la traduction de "MU-ANLIM" et de "USTADHU" : TEACHER et PROFESSOR Tantôt "ustadh" = teacher tantôt "ustadh" = professor et vice-versa : "mu-anlim" =teacher ou "mu-anlim" =professor ??? Traduction instable avec sanction pourquoi ???

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