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  5. "Kucing saya tidak dijual."

"Kucing saya tidak dijual."

Translation:My cat is not for sale.

August 9, 2019



How would you say 'my cat was not sold'?


Kucing saya tidak terjual.


Technically, I think /Kucing saya tidak dijual/ would also work for 'My cat was not sold'.

Why would you use /terjual/ instead, WayangOrang? I've never heard /jual/ combined with /ter-/. Implicitly, isn't /jual/ inherently transitive and would also imply that somebody is doing the selling, even if the seller is never stated nor identified?


Technically, I think /Kucing saya tidak dijual/ would also work for 'My cat was not sold'.

Yes, if the sentence was slightly different, something like this :
"Kucing saya tidak dijual oleh Andi (,tapi oleh Tini)."
"My cat was not sold by Andi (,but by Tini)."

terjual = sudah dijual = already sold.

Both verbs are passive, but they are used in a different way.
same-same but different :)

1.Kucing saya dijual. = My cat is being sold (is for sale).
2.Kucing saya tidak dijual. = My cat is not being sold (is not for sale).
3.Kucing saya tidak dijual oleh Andi. = My cat is not being sold by Andi.
4.Kucing saya dijual oleh Tini. = My cat is being sold by Tini.
5.Kucing saya terlalu mahal. = My cat is too expensive.
6.Kucing saya tidak laku. = My cat is not in demand.
7.Kucing saya tidak terjual. = My cat was not sold.

Compare sentence 2 and 7.
'tidak dijual' <==> 'tidak terjual'
'not being sold' (not for sale) <==> 'not sold'

That's the difference.


You are correct. We think grammatically.


Who would buy a cat? There so many free ones!


Why not "my cat is not on sale"?


This passive atau di-. So, why use 'for sale?' (Tepok jidat)


So "my cat's not for sale" is wrong apparently, despite being standard English. Why include "'s" as an option in that case?


Kucing saya tidak untuk dijual

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