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  5. "في هٰذا ٱلْشّارِع مَطْعَم."

"في هٰذا ٱلْشّارِع مَطْعَم."

Translation:There is a restaurant on this street.

August 9, 2019



'There is a restaurant in this street' works fine, too. Please accept it as an alternative translation.


'In this street' is perfectly fine in British English. 'On this street' is American English and in the UK it literally means you are ON the street - down and out.


No, "in this street" would mean the restaurant is located where the cars are driving literally in the middle of the road where cars or rickshaws or bicycles or horse and buggy go. We say "on the street" if a business or house is next to the road and can be accessed directly from that road.


Both in and on are acceptable. For some speakers of English on means the restaurant is standing on the pavement. For others in means it's in the middle of the traffic. It's a regional variation.


Actually, "in this street" is unnatural for a native speaker of English, at least in the USA. "In the street" means "not inside a building or house". A restaurant in the street would mean a restaurant without indoor seating.


Hmmm. I don't know. To me a restaurant in the street would mean the restaurant was in the middle of the road. It wouldn't describe at all whether the seating were indoors or outdoors.


Well, is your English US English? That could explain it. As an English person, I'd say "in this street" is fine, and doesn't suggest it's not indoors.


In the UK the opposite is true. See my comment above.


not accurate translation for "fii"; better translation is "in" (in this street)


I don't think it's a matter of accuracy. It's a matter of correct English. For example, it seems all English speakers say, eg, "on the second floor" even though the Arabic is "fii". But English speakers differ as to whether they say in or on the street.


Being English, either 'on' or 'in' is fine , so I hope DL allows both


Stupid word order.


No karen it's not a "stupid word order" just because it is different from your language's word order.

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