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  5. "سامْية تَسْكُن في جَزيرة."

"سامْية تَسْكُن في جَزيرة."

Translation:Samia lives on an island.

August 9, 2019



Seems random whether they say -tan or not. Often not written.

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Actually the -tan should not be there with Samia - this is grammatically incorrect. The audio is recorded using a speech machine which is messing many things. I've posted an article in the forum about this problem if you like to read it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33543536


Shouldn't it be taskuneena? Sania is a girl, I suppose!

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Yep that would be correct if you are talking TO Samia herself (i.e. Samia, you live...). But the situation here is in 3rd person (i.e. She lives ....). Thus, it is taskunu and not taskuneena.


This should be feminine -een correct? This is so confusing

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If you are speaking to a female (i.e. 2nd person female), then the verb would be تسكنين (taskunín), but here, the talk is about an absent female (i.e. 3rd person female) and for that it is تَسْكُنُ (taskunu). It can be confusing also because تسكن (taskunu) is also used when I speak to a 2nd person MALE.

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