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"Kamehameha has one hundred men."

Translation:He hoʻokahi haneli kānaka o Kamehameha.

August 10, 2019



"He ho'okahi haneli kane o Kamehameha" should be correct too?


What about this sentence makes it [o] class?


Ho'okahi haneli po'e o Kamehameha should also be correct since "persons" is an odd choice and He is usually not used with numbers greater than 99. No big deal, though.


two questions, if you (or someone) know... (1) if not "he" over 99, just start w the # (naked)? And (2), is there a way to state this sentence the other way around ('O Kamehameha ho'okahi haneli kanaka")? I know it's not an "equivalence" sentence, but seems like it should be able to be stated the other way. Maybe with a possessive?? (kona?)

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