What is the formal, informal and casual form of I am Sorry in German? Kindly, help me to understand.

I am a beginner in German learning. Please elaborate different words used for "I am Sorry" in German and their formal, informal and casual nature. SO far, i have learned the following: 1. Entschuldigung, 2. Es tut mir leid. If their any other words or phrases for "I am Sorry", please let me understand along with usage. Thank You,

August 10, 2019


I'm sorry - Es tut mir leid (informal)

Sorry - Entschuldigung / Verzeihung (formal)

Excuse me please - Entschuldigen Sie bitte / Verzeihen Sie mir bitte

August 10, 2019

You will find as you go through the course that there are many ways of saying most things in German, just as there are in English. You will come across several synonyms going through the course, and if you talk to people in German they will reply using many more that are not in here.

The point is, that Duolingo providing the commonest variants and you learning them is the reason for the lessons in the first place.

Use the lightbulbs (they are reasonable in German) and the info you need to get a kick-start is all there in the course.

August 10, 2019
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