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  5. "tlhIngan HoHbe'beH jan."

"tlhIngan HoHbe'beH jan."

Translation:The device is set up to not kill Klingons.

August 10, 2019



Captain: "How's the work coming?" Engineer: "The device is set up to not kill Klingons." Captain: "...Well at least you've got your priorities in order."


Is this an actual plot point in any Star Trek episode or movie?


I hated this one ...


How is "the device is not set up to kill Klingons" different from the correct answer of "the device is set up to not kill Klingons"?


My microphone is not set up to kill Klingons and neither is my ring binder. Just about anything non-lethal is not set up to kill Klingons. But a device that is set up to not kill Klingons sounds as though it's set up to kill someone or something else, with specific programming to avoid lethality to Klingons. I admit it's a fine line here, and there may be a better example to show the importance of suffix ordering.

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