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I speak English and I am learning Turkish, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese using Duolingo, but one day I tried to use Duolingo with the Spanish language to learn English in case to try if I can use a Spanish language app or no, so now Iwant to delete the English course for Spanish speakers from my account, and because it is just one language I cannot remove it, I just can restart the mission from the beginning but deleting it, so if you can help me... PLEASE!

August 10, 2019


You said it yourself: you cannot remove a course if it is the only one you learning from that source language (Spanish).

August 10, 2019

you cannot remove a course if it is the only one you learning from that source language (Spanish).

I'm not actually sure that's the case. ^^

For sure, for years it certainly was the case that it's impossible to remove a course if it's the only one you are learning from that source language. I suggested a number of times that Duolingo could very easily resolve this issue by simply completely hiding all 0 XP courses. Any course where no XP has been earned (or any course which has been reset and therefore 0 XP) is essentially in its not yet started state and doesn't have a good reason to be displayed on users' profiles. If the course is hidden from the user's language list and hidden from their profile page; then, for all intents and purposes, it would be identical to the course having been removed.

And now, as of recently, pretty much the exact same thing I suggested appears to have been implemented. It was an A/B test a while back, but that A/B test has ended and looks to have been a success. I'm fairly certain it behaves this way for everyone now. ^^

August 10, 2019

Step 1. Switch to that English course for Spanish speakers.

Step 2. Settings → Learning language → Reset or remove languages... Click "reset progress" for that course. (Don't click "remove", which you can't click anyway.)

Step 3. Finally, switch to one of your other courses.

After this, the English course for Spanish speakers should be gone from your profile page, your language learning list, and the flags next to your name. Gone completely. ^^

August 10, 2019
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