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  5. "هٰذا رُزّ عُمَر."

"هٰذا رُزّ عُمَر."

Translation:This is Omar's rice.

August 10, 2019



Again: where's the diffetence between "this is Omar's rice" and "this rice is Omar's"


for "this rice" you need a definite article: hadha alruz. And then to say "Omar's" you'll need a special preposition li: li2umar


It was news to me that Spanish and Portuguese word arroz comes from Arabic: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/arroz [شكر, Away and kilop]


AniOhev, interesting!

The standard name for rice in Arabic is "2aruzz(un)" أَرُزٌّ while "ruzz(un)" رز is a dialect. Also, I find another interesting point - both أرز and رز words are not Arabic.


Yes, this is true. I am an Arab and I know that


Agree...please tell us the difference! Thank you


why is it not al-omar?


HarolGarr6, "Omar" is always written as عُمَرُ in Arabic, it never takes "al". There is no العُمَرُ al-omar in Arabic; similar to -> there is no The Harry Potter in English. :))


i dont even remember asking this question. i clearly did not grasp how possessives worked lol but thank you


HaroldGarr6, lol ... to simplify the matter, almost all names in Arabic don't get ال (al) so there is no الرانيا ar-rania, البوب al-bob, or الجورج al-george, for example; and you're welcome! :))


Thanks for helping with this question, Away54. Greek often uses the definite article with names, so it was good to reinforce that Arabic does not do that with names. It's interesting that Arabic often uses the definite article with countries. Spanish uses def art with titles.


You're welcome, AniOhev! The detailed explanation for ال is much complex. It is not 100% the same meaning with the definite article in English. So, the person name itself is already معرفة (definite) so it shouldn't get ال, right?

In short, for instance, there is a name, Kareem Benzema كريم بنزيمة. But, when we put ال on the كريم, it becomes الكريم. As a name, it should be only for Allaah الله because الكريم is one of Allaah's name, which means the Most Generous. If someone wants to name his child with this name, he should add 3abd(un) عبد (which literally means the slave) so it becomes Abdul Kareem عبدُ الكريمِ which means a man who worships Al Kareem (ie. الله) alone. (Abdul Kareem is a iDaafa structure).

Hence, in Arabic, we should be careful when using ال.


How would you say "This is rice, Omar"?


my guess is هذا رز يا عمر

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