Subjunctive - Help!

I was making steady progress with the Duolingo Italian over the past few months starting from basics. It was made easier by the Italian I had learned years ago up to the first part of the intermediate level of some BBC material. My progress has been halted, however, by trying to deal with the 'Subjunctive' I got to the Conditional with the BBC material, but I don't recall anything specific on the Subjunctive. Maybe that's why I am struggling. It's had the effect of scrambling my brain where I don't feel confident any more on any verb declensions and it has kind of unravelled what I have learned up to this point. I wonder has anyone else had this experience with the Subjunctive on Duolingo. Any life raft would be greatly appreciated.

August 10, 2019

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About "Educators":

The "Italian (from English)" language sub forum would be the right one to ask those Romance grammar questions.

August 10, 2019
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