Frisian for English speakers!!!!

What do you think of making a new course? Frisian is closely related to English and Dutch, it is member of Anglo-frisian language group. It is spoken by 480 thousands people across the Nederlands, Germany and Denmark. Most of them live in Dutch province of Friesland. It is language with deep history and amazing culture and traditions. With Frisian you can read the Frisian literature! Famous Frisian writers are: Fedde Schurer; Eeltsje Hiddes Halbertsma; Tsjalling Hiddes Halbertsma; Justus Hiddes Halbertsma; Watse Cuperus. So, Why don't you make a Frisian course?

August 10, 2019


You know more about Frisian literature than I do, and I am a native speaker!

August 10, 2019
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