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"أَنْتِ في أَمْسْتِرْدام يا ريم."

Translation:You are in Amsterdam, Reem.

August 10, 2019



Rym and Reem are the same in arabic.in north african countries we use RYM and the middle east uses REEM

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Well, seeing that this is an Arabic course in English (dedicated to English speakers) then I guess they would use the English typical spelling system. Personally, I've never saw such a name spelled as "Rym".


Yes, I agreed your points of view and so far I know in Egypt, the accent Reem is used.


Yes in North Africa wi said rym and rim ✌❤from Morocco ❤


Is Reem a common Arabic name? What does it mean?

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Yes it is. According to some thesaurus books, it is a type of gazelle or antelope that is pure white and beautiful in shape

Even though it is common as "Reem" I'm surprised to see also another version in the books here: Ar-Raym الرَّيْم (which I never heard of before)


It marked me wrong for misspelling Amsterdam.

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