Confused about preterite and imperfect past tense

hello all! So I get the general concept that preterite is used to specify an action either at a particular point in time or for a specific number of times while imperfect is referring to actions happening repeatedly or over an extended period of time But when I read the Simon Bolivar story on Duo, some of the sentences didn't make sense with what tense they were in 1) Simon Bolivar fue muy famoso Why is this not 'era'? He was continuelly famous throughout most of his life, not just at one point. Also doesn't this give background info, so shouldn't it be in imperfect?

2) lo conocieron como heroe de la revolucion,libertador, dictador y tirano-he was known as why not lol conocian? He was known as a hero continuelly over an extended period of time. Plus, in the preterite tense, doesn't conocer mean to meet?

3) Bolivar tambien fue inspirado por Napoleon pero se sintio emocionado porque una sola persona podia cambiar el mundo Doesn't sentir in preterite mean to regret or to be sorry? Besides it's hard to specify at what point in time or for how long he was inspired by Napoleon.

Thank you for reading all this and I appreciate any explanation!

August 10, 2019, 6:05 PM


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