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  5. "بِخَيْر اَلْحَمْدُ لِله!"

"بِخَيْر اَلْحَمْدُ لِله!"

Translation:Well, praise be to God!

August 10, 2019



This could be the response to "How are you". However it's oddly translated here


I think you're right. As I recall, earlier this appeared as a response to that q—[I am] well.


Why "Good, praise be to god" isn't accepted?


Adverb vs. adjective. "I'm doing good," is not correct in English, while "I'm doing well," is. So if the person asked "How are you doing?", then "Good," is not actually a correct answer. Of course, you hear it all the time, so Duo should probably accept it but, if they aren't, then that's the reason.


Can somebody tell me if alhamd lila also applies to non Muslim speakers?


Yes, it has become an integral part of the Arabic language. Egyptian Copts also use it in daily speech for example. To sound native you should definitely use it.


That totally depends on the person as Allah is the arabic word for god but many people end up thinking you as a muslim. But otherwise there is no mistake or problem in saying الحمد لله as we have freedom from the oppression of the people.


I am well would be a better answer than well. The person is speaking to whom???


What am i learning here?


Franchement c'est gonflant vos histoires de dieu à la con dans chaque phrases... On s'en balec de votre dieu de merde, ni dieu ni maître !!

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