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German from English tree done!

Hi all,

I managed to finish the German tree today and it's celebration time :) I started learning last year in May, so 15 months later here is the story. Like others who previously wrote on this forum, I used several sources to boost my confidence and engagement: - Duolingo almost daily -> helps a lot with the vocabulary; I wrote down all the new nouns on three columns (for der, die, das) and I used photographic memory to remember the gender of the words based on the position on the page (sometimes this worked, sometimes not); The grammar explanations are mostly ok and when I needed more details, I used the internet resources. For the verbs, I tried to learn all three forms from the beginning, at least to sound familiar later on when I would actually use them. - DW - they have some good materials for each level (A1, A2, etc.) - the story about Nico who moves to Germany and learns the language very fast is quite motivating (the movies are available on youtube too); - Netflix with German audio and English subtitles - sounded strange at the beginning but after a while I was able to understand simple lines and then more complicated sentences. - Music - no point to comment here, as music is a good teacher :).

Conclusions: - at this moment I am able to understand most of the normal day to day conversations; - TV news/shows - I understand the general topic, even if I'm missing a lot of words; - based on different tests on internet, my level is A2 (nice surprise to be honest); - speaking and writing fluency...still working on it :) as, even if I know the words, I don't always find them when I'm engaged in a conversation or when I have to write something; the good thing is that I can spot and correct my own mistakes while speaking (gender confusion, plurals, verbs with the wrong person, etc.). Indeed, producing the language (speak / write) is much much complicated than consuming it (read / listen).

There were moments when I considered myself perfect (just for saying a simple correct sentence...), other when I just couldn't move on and it felt like i forgot everything i knew, but the key is to find the motivation and the joy of learning.

Now I'll continue with B1 materials, maybe join a normal course with class and teacher, as things are getting more serious :).

Good luck and have fun learning German!

August 10, 2019



Way to go. I started over 8 months ago after not studying it for 49 years. I just had a 163 day streak broken because we were camping in spot completely out of internet or wi-fi range in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania. Got to speak a little with the Bavarian waitress in Helen, Georgia this past summer and she was impressed when I asked for her Kartoffelsalat Rezept. I wow my Amish Nachbarn (neighbors), specially their kids, who answer me in English, which they are still learning. Watched a German language 6 episode Netflix show without the sub-titles and was able to follow it even tho I did not know all the words. I read Stern and Spiegel on the internet for fun. I have a long way to go. Ich will ein Kolsch fur dich trinken.


Cool story, thank you for sharing :).


Congratulations. Gut gemacht. You may enjoy this to read at your current level https://www.rowohlt.de/fm/131/Dahl_Schokoladenfabrik.pdf


Thank you for the book, it looks approachable :)


I checked out your link. That Buch looks fun. Thank you!


Ausgezeichnet! Herzliche glückwünsche!


Congrats and great job!


Super! Congratulation!


congratulations!! :)


Good job! Hope to have the same feelings in future :)


Thank you and good luck :)


Good job! I'm using Duolingo because I do german in school, but otherwise, I doubt I'd be able to do what you managed.


Thank you! I hope you have a good teacher, as it helps a lot.


In case you didn't realize, you can stay on Duolingo doing the "reverse tree" -- they actually have some different vocabulary. Also you can keep doing German from English and slowly get new words even if you have an all gold tree (5 crowns per lesson). Yes, many are just different forms of words you know, but I've also noticed the lessons are spoken more quickly than they used to be. I've branched out to Drops, Clozemaster, and Lingvist, but still do Duolingo as well. I lost a lot of "strength" while working on the reverse tree, so trying to get that back to 100% and noticed all these new words being added to my list (up to 3377) and that the lessons were spoken more quickly.


The reverse tree is a good suggestion, thanks :) I did that one few months ago (it was shorter than the one from English) and from time to time I return to some of the lessons.


Awesome and every unit up to level five, congratulations!


Thank you! It is doable with work and determination.


Congratulations! :)


Gratulation und Viel Glück!


Congratulations on your achievement!


Refugees from Syria or Iraq usually need not more than 3 month intensive training until they are fluent in German (B1 speaking and writing). As you said the key is becoming active. Also you already figured out that it is more important to hear if something is correct rather than to think about grammar rules.


B1 is not fluent .. but a beginners intermediate level of communication.


Toller Erfolg! Glückwünsche aus Deutschland und weiterhin Alles Gute!


Danke für deine Wünsche! Freundliche Grüße :)


Gut gemacht! Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg beim Erreichen von B1.


Vielen Dank! Ich habe ein bisschen Angst, aber ich denke, das wird Spaß machen. Freundliche Grüße :)


mGjI11 - Das ist sehr ausgezeichtnet!

I should have done what you did with the nouns to permanently commit them to memory and then further charted how the der, die, das get changed to eine, einen, einem, dem, den, dieser, diesen, diesem, and so forth. I can memorize words easily but this aspect of the language has really vexed me. I am wondering now if I should delete what I have accomplished and then start from the very beginning with focus like you had.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. Lingot for you.


Thank you! When I started Duo, I read the success stories written by the members and it encouraged me to continue learning, being motivated by normal people who get great results.


you motivated me bro :)


keep up the good work and enjoy :)


Congratulations! I am halfway to comlete my German tree.


Thank you and good luck with the tree :)


Ausgezeichnet! Viel Spaß beim Deutsch zu lernen. Netflix ist in der Tat eine gute möglichkeit, um deutsch zu lernen. Die langsam gesprochene Nachrichten von Deutsche Welle sind auch sehr gut.


Vielen Dank! Ja, die DW-Materialien, auch die langsamen Nachrichten sind sehr gut :)


This is what I'm trying to do as well. I'm relying on Duolingo and other sources for my A1 and A2 skills and then if I want to go further in B1, I would consider joining a formal class.

I admit that I need to develop "German Ears" as I feel that's more important :(.


Impressive. I'm looking forward to the new German tree and hoping that I'll get a better grasp on the grammar. I finished the tree, but don't have near the skill/knowledge that you described.

Why are you learning German?


There's a new German tree?

[deactivated user]

    The new German Tree has been cancelled. :-(


    Is there a link to why?


    Thank you, good luck with your challenge! For me, it started as a 'bet' with my brother last year (he being fluent and using German everyday). Then I started to see there is some sort of logic and 'mathematics' in this language, so I continued :)


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    I am learning german.

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