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  5. "Let's cruise."

"Let's cruise."

Translation:E holoholo kākou.

August 10, 2019



Why not "E holoholo kaua"?


I gotta echo what the other person said. How come 2 people cannot cruise? "E holoholo kāua"? What if you no like cruise 3 or more. Maybe the car can only fit 2 plenty sports cars is like dat only 2 real seats an the back seat really too small when you lean back the two front seats when you cruising.

[deactivated user]

    An wadiff the backseat got too much stuffs, like ka noho and pupu cooler? Only can fit two then, yea. No can holoholo fo tree.


    I disagree with the key on this one and second the comments of Oceanic2 and deactivated. "Us" (let us) can be translated as either kaua or kakou. With no other context clues in the sentence, both should be correct.


    Agree re kāua.


    E holoholo kāua . . . accepted on 7/16/2020


    Essential Hawaiian.


    Why is holoholo ka'a wrong? Isn't that cruising in a car and holoholo is just going out, not necessarily in a car?

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