reporting bugs

I experience many bugs with the Turkish lessons. (1) Some of my correctly typed answers are consistently graded as wrong. In particular, a question asks me to fill in the blank in “İyi —————“ with the correct translation of “Good evening”. I correctly type “akşamlar” and it is graded wrong. Now I am stuck until this is fixed. So much for my streak and my rank on the leadership board. (2) In another question my correct answer “İyiyim, teşekürler” was consistently graded wrong. In that case I was able to experiment thirty times until I found that it would accept “iyiyim teşekürler” despite the fact that Duo reports the capitalized version as the correct answer, as in fact it should. Note that I am carefully using all accents on both upper and lower case letters for the Turkish text. (3) The voice test (using the microphone) fails consistently on some expressions. Most spoken expressions are accepted fine, but about 10% of expressions cause Duo to cancel the microphone before I start speaking. This is independent of my speech and happens consistently for certain exoressions. This convinces me it is not a problem with my microphone.

August 10, 2019
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