What are people's thoughts on Guarani?

For those of you who don’t know Guarani or Jopará is a language spoken by around 2 million people and is mostly spoken in Paraguay and neighboring places in Bolivia Brazil etc. On Duolingo it’s only available in Spanish sadly. I have started Guarani and I want to know others thoughts? How are the grammar explanations? Does it teach you enough? What are some pros and cons? I’d love to hear feedback, bye!

August 11, 2019

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Guarani seems like a fairly easy language, it has a basic subject verb object word order, and the version taught on Duolingo uses a lot of Spanish loan words. The tips and notes are OK, but there aren't enough of them. Unfortunately, there is no audio. Hopefully, that will be added. It uses the Paraguayan variety of Spanish, which uses voseo, and of course has it's own vocabulary, as all dialects do. One of the fun/surprising things I learned is that the word they use for skirt, pollera, means chicken run/house in Mexican Spanish. This version of the course is much better than when it was first rolled out - that version was very inconsistent with what it would accept. The words for older boy and girl were particularly bad, sometimes it would accept either muchacho or chico, sometimes it would accept only one or the other, and there was no predicting which was which.

August 11, 2019

Based on this post I may try it again. There were no tips, notes or audio when I tried it and I could not even get started. I was just being presented sentences and asked to translate but I could not discern any pattern when the sentences changed so i didn’t learn anything about structure or sentence formation. I was not learning anything except a few nouns so I dropped it. If there are at least tips and notes I will try it again.

August 11, 2019

I lived in Paraguay for two years and I don't think the duolingo course is very accurate. It teaches a very strong Jopara (Guarani and Spanish mixed together). Some people argue that that's how the people speak, but in the multiple different cities where I stayed I met many people who spoke almost 100% guarani. Some of the only Spanish words they used were numbers above 5, and the names of days and months. Sadly, duolingo tries to teach you bigger numbers, days, and months instead of focusing on more important verbs and nouns that the Paraguayans use. And the people don't pronounce the words super clearly when they speak, so without sound on the course it would be very tough to understand a native speaker.

September 4, 2019
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