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"He wahine ʻōpio ʻeleu kona kaikuahine."

Translation:His sister is an energetic young woman.

August 11, 2019



kaikuahine in general, refers to "younger sister of an older brother." So kona has been translated correctly as "His" instead of "Her."
When referring to a younger sibling of the same sex, it would be kaikaina.
If she is the sister-in-law to a male, then the reference should include whether she is older or younger than the brother-in-law. She would either be wahine makua or wahine 'opio.


I was marked wrong for using "energetic". The translation used "ambitious"


"His sister is an energetic young sister in law" is wrong. Can she just be a "young" sister in law or does she have to be a "younger" sister in law?


It might be interpreted either way.

Wahine 'opio can be interpreted as a younger sister-in-law to an older brother-in'law.

Kaikuahine is a younger sister to an older brother.


I guess "energetic young woman" is somewhat more natural English than "young energetic woman," but gee whiz I had the meaning correct!

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