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  5. "أَعْرِف جارَتها روزا."

"أَعْرِف جارَتها روزا."

Translation:I know her neighbor Rosa.

August 11, 2019



okay, this has been bugging me for months: Is Rosa an Arabic name? Because I know it as a Spanish name, in which case is should take the letter sin, not zay. Rosa is pronounced with the "s" sound, not a "z" sound. The same is true for some other names: باب, not بوب, which sounds like "boob"!! And other names, but particularly Rosa. So is Rosa also an Arabic name? I've never known an Arab Rosa, but I don't know all the names there are. But being as your other names are American, (Bob, George, Judy, etc.), I'm assuming this is a Spanish name, and you have it misspelled. Could you please correct it?


well mam, you may have not heard the name rosa's arabic version but certainly you have heard about the flower Rose.. right? so in arabic they choose to pronounce your Spanish name Rosa by Roza keeping the spelling same. As this site is based on English so they preferred to keep it that way..


Arabic always transliterates "o" and "u" to و and "a" to ا, even when it changes the pronunciation. My favorite example of this is "salon", like a hair salon. In arabic, this becomes سالون (saloon), a very different meaning in english!


Is it the same verb for "knowing about something" and "knowing a person", like in English?


There is no option to choose rosa. Add it please.

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