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"I open the faucet in the kitchen."

Translation:أَفْتَح اَلْحَنَفِيّة في ٱلْمَطْبَخ.

August 11, 2019



This is highly Egyptianized Standard Arabic.


Fascinating, I was wondering where Hanafiyyah in this situation came from


I just learned today the origin of the word Hanafiyyah for faucet. There are four schools of Islamic jurisprudence and one of them is named Hanafiyyah or Hanafi. They were the only school of thought that permitted using a faucet when it was first invented.


What's the Arabic meaning here...are you turning the tap on to get water from it or opening it up to fix it? If you are getting water from the tap then the translation in English needs to be adjusted.

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