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"Each of the boys has his own shoes."

Translation:Ognuno dei ragazzi ha il proprio paio di scarpe.

April 18, 2013



paio? Why is this word in the only solution? I'm so confused.


Perche "ciascuno" non ha ragione?


"ciascuno" is also correct.

"every one of them" =ognuno "every single one of them, each one of them" = ciascuno (there is also "cadauno" but it's a very antique term and today only used in commercial contexts)

Bytheway I have seen that Wordreference translate "avere ragione" with "be right" but you can only use it for people. Lui ha ragione. A thing o sentence or term only can "essere corretto" or "essere giusto"

I would ask: Perché "ciascuno" non è corretto?

Greetings Sandra


Grazie mille, Sandra.

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