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  5. "اَلْرَّبيع جَميل اَلآن."

"اَلْرَّبيع جَميل اَلآن."

Translation:The spring is pretty now.

August 11, 2019



When is آ used? How does it sound?


hectorlqr, آ is used when two alif meet / are sequentially written. This topic is studied in Arabic forming words, advanced a bit.

So, in short, الأان becomes الآن. The آ produces a long vowel "a" sound, like aa.


It was in the last spelling lesson which was the lesson directly before this one.


ارجو اضافة باقي الارقام التي تمثل اصواتا باللغه الانجليزية (2=ء)(3=ع)('3=غ)(4=ذ)(5=خ)(6=ط)('6=ظ)(7=ح)(8=ق)(9=ض)('9=ض)


Complete diacritics:

الرَّبِيْعُ جَمِيْلٌ الآنَ.


There looks like a different diacritic symbol above the laa لا than above the alif اَ - the symbol looks different, longer and wavier - & it was like this on the spelling lesson in for the 2aa sound but I'm not sure what it is :S



the آ aa is a long vowel. In the conversation, it's same with لَا (laa) or اٰ (aa). But, in the Quranic verses, آ means four to six vowels, ie. aaaa.


in conversation, how could you tell the difference between Ana referring to one's self & ana referring to "now"


BjBurns, we know the difference from the sentence context (سياق الجملة). I think it's like in English when you all say Ship and Sheep. For most foreigners, we couldn't differ both words clearly.


Non native English speaker here: It should be "Ø spring", right?

Mind: For everyone that will be jumping into my face about "there is an definite article in اَلْرَّبيع !" : Got it. I am not asking whether the translating is literal. I am wondering whether the English phrase would be spoken as such by a L1 speaker. Thank you.


Not sure I fully understand the question, but if you are asking how a native speaker would say this it could be either. "Spring is pretty now" (more informally) or "The Spring is pretty now" to be more formal. It would not seem odd to use the article in this case.

I'm not sure why sometimes it is translated as 'pretty' sometimes and then 'beautiful' at other times.

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