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Cobrança Indevido Duolingo Plus

Optei por fazer o teste de 07 dias grátis, e após isso Optei pela compra no valor de $83 em 12 vezes, e veio cobrando apenas de 01 vez (valor total) na fatura do cartão.

August 11, 2019

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Olá Elton,

no, the $83 is already the (reduced) annual subscription, hence your credit card was debited only one time with the higher amount: 6,99$ x 12 = 83,88$

The monthly subscription is more expensive: 9,99$
Only with this you get multiple billings.

See the screenshot here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27485221/Is-Duolingo-Plus-worth-it


Who are you ? Do you work for duolingo?

This propaganda is misleading. It is clearly saying, $ 6.99 per month. And they charged me the full amount.

As it is in the annex below: https://ibb.co/zbvKmMn

This is a mistake. Duolingo is being dishonest.

I will look for the procon


o duolingo é gringo e eles enxergam isso de forma diferente. o conceito de dividir em prestações é algo bem brasileiro.


Cara, o anexo que você linkou aí mostra nitidamente um plano de 12 meses pago em uma só vez (12-month x 1). Dessa maneira você paga um pouco menos do que se escolhesse assinar mês a mês e o duolingo recebe tudo de uma vez. É só uma maneira de te convencer a assinar e é bem comum na real.



Who are you ? Do you work for duolingo?

I am a Portuguese learner living in Germany.

No, I am not based in their US HQ in Pittsburgh and I do not work for Duolingo, as I do not have the blue "admin" (=staff) flag behind my username.

This is a mistake. Duolingo is being dishonest.

Personally I do not even see the price matrix anymore as it is blended over on my account with the "7 dias trial" screen.
Who subscribes to services, even trial, when the amount is hidden?
Thankfully someone posted the selection screenshot to the forum.

Yes, I heard multiple reports from several users that they chose the wrong option and obviously they were pretty much confused.

Sorry, I have no idea why the Duolingo staff cannot clearly write in the billing screen, when you select annually (reduced x 12 months), that they are going to make a one time billing.

It is really not a nice thing if people suddenly get surprised or do not even have the money at their account / credit card when Duolingo makes the debit.

The whole selection process should probably be improved.

You have to "think the American way" if want to make business here.

Every fitness studio in Germany does the same thing:

  • (Much) Higher prices for shorter contracts (if they even offer 1/3/6 months).

  • The minimum is 12-24 months...whereas they get billed monthly (as you thought it would work here too)...

  • you are also allowed to make a (full) prepaid payment and sometimes you get several months reduced if you do so (quite risky if you have to pay 20-24 months in advance!!).

I hope you can work it out.


Comigo aconteceu a mesma coisa e não tem nenhum canal de atendimento. Muito ruim. Estou tentando cancelar pela operadora do cartão.

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.