"Quiero dejar de beber vino."

Translation:I want to stop drinking wine.

5 years ago


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What is the "de" here for?

5 years ago

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"dejar de + infinitive" = "to stop ___ing" Why I do not know it is just a common pairing of a verb and preposition that has a special meaning. Check out the link below it will give an overview of the concept. http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/courses/VRBSPREP.HTM

5 years ago


Yes, Good link. To add on... A number of verbs require "a", "de", "con", "que" with them, followed by an infinitive.

These verbs are called "phrasal verbs." Both Spanish and English have phrasal verbs Spanish examples: ir a, hablar con, tener que, dejar de.

English Examples: hang out, look after, agree with, point to.

2 weeks ago
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