New type of question (freeform response) in checkpoint?

When I did the last checkpoint in the French tree (which I've had to do twice because of the changes to the tree), I got these ... freeform exercises? I don't know what to call them, but it just gives you a text in French, a blank box, and asks you to respond in French. It doesn't say what it wants you to respond. It's not a translation, it's not a "fill in the blank," or any other type of question I've seen before. I've only ever seen them in the last checkpoint.

Are you supposed to just write ... whatever? How is that even rated? Does it look for certain keywords or ...? I don't think AI is quite smart enough yet to understand and rate arbitrary responses, but who knows, maybe Duo is ahead of the curve.

The first few times I encountered this, I just restarted the checkpoint until I didn't get any of them, because honestly I get anxious at the thought of having to write a completely freeform response.

This time I responded with a single space, and it was accepted, so maybe the AI isn't as smart after all.

August 11, 2019


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