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  5. "They secure the room."

"They secure the room."

Translation:Sie sichern den Raum.

April 18, 2013



What's wrong with "Sie sichern das Zimmer."????


nothing, it's fine.


Is the word "Raum" used for "room" in the general meaning only (space, area) or can you use it also as a synonym for "Zimmer" (a room in a building)?


It can mean all of them. If you're referring to your own room, always use "Zimmer", though. "I go to my room= Ich gehe in mein Zimmer". "Ich gehe in meinen Raum" is not idiomatic.


But then it looks like that the German and English sentences do not match.

  • They secure the room >> Sie sichern das Zimmer;
  • Sie sichern den Raum >> They secure the area.

Did I miss something?


Yes, you missed the own :) It's not idiomatic with the possessive, otherwise it's fine. Both of "Sie sichern den Raum/das Zimmer" mean "they secure the room".


Raum kann natürlich auch im größeren Rahmen verstanden werden zB Welt-Raum. Aber mein erster Gedanke waren Polizisten vor einem Tatort. Ohne Kontext ist es etwas schwierig


What does this mean ? A policeman entering a room with a gun?


Could "Sie sichern das Zimmer" be used for *sanitising" as used in making the room safe against viruses/bacteria?

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