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How to make superscript alef?

I'm trying to type while doing the Arabic lessons, but duolingo won't accept هذا or هذه without a superscript alef diacritic which I can't find on my keyboard. Does anyone know how to type it?

August 11, 2019


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I'm amazed that Duolingo didn't fix this issue. This character is not really needed to make a word correct. We write words without it already.
Anyway, if you are a Windows user... check "charmap" (or character map) which comes with Windows, and pick Times New Roman font from the list (or Arial). Down most there is a search bar to look for a character by name, type "Alef" and search... it will show you all the characters containing the word "Alef" in their names and the "superscript Alef" should be among them. From there you can copy it and make it ready for usage any time you want it. Lengthy work but this is the best I could think of. Or as Juliet said, simply copy it if you can from the exercises themselves. it is said that a short cut would do like pressing ALT+0670 or something but it never worked for me (works for me with other characters but not this one).


Thank you so much I've been struggling to find it!!

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I just wish Duolingo would remove it instead. It's a pain. I didn't see any Arabic keyboard layout bearing this mark so far.


Agreed, I can see how this complicates things.


If you have a touchboard keyboard on a windows device, you could change the language, and use shift to change it to the diacritics. After that, typing is a lot easier.

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