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  5. "jIghungqu'! tlhoS jIHegh!"

"jIghungqu'! tlhoS jIHegh!"

Translation:I was really hungry! I nearly died!

August 12, 2019



Since "I'm almost dying" is not accepted, how would you translate this in present tense?


"I almost die!" In another circumstance, "I am almost dying," might be an acceptable translation, but for teaching purposes in this course we have limited forms ending in "-ing" to match with -taH (or -lI').


How about "I'm about to die," "I'm on the verge of death," or something else that has an instantaneous rather than a continuous or completed feel to it. It's a little artificial what we're doing here to separate the perfective and continuous aspects, but it's being done to make you stop and recognize that they exist.

It is said of Russian, a natural language with a perfective/imperfective distinction, that non-native speakers never truly master the use of verbs, but by learning the difference, reading The Klingon Dictionary, studying canon, and considering the different voices of respected Klingon speakers on this board, you can strive.

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