How lo learn English? (2 new Trends)

Maybe you are trying hard to learn a new language! You are doing spectacular work but the result is negative. Do you know why?

Before considering to learn a new language, language learners should know many things about how language is learned. to understand the process of learning a language, we should consider how kids are learning a language.

<h1>1 learn a language like kids.</h1>

So the first trend is paying attention to the way that kids are learning. please take look at the process below:

1- Listening 2- Speaking 3- Reading 4- writing

are we learning a language just like the above? the question is, the majority of the language learners are doing the opposite of that process. and because of that, they fail in language learning.

so please be like a kid that listens to his/her parents speaking and siblings.

<h1>watch cartoons</h1>

the secound most trendy language learning methid is watching cartoons. the content and language whitch is used in cartoons are orignal and essential. also its easy to understand and leran.

I learnd thease 2 new trends from:

also this web site its all about learnin language with trends. but unfortuantlly the langage is Persian, maybe you dont understand:

August 12, 2019


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