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"Mother is eating strawberries."

Translation:Shimá dah woozh yį́yą́.

August 12, 2019



How to relace the letters correctly " Shimá dah woozh yiyá'. "


That is exactly what I put down. Even went back and double checked, comparing it to your answer, accent marks and all, and it still wont accept my answer. (July 2, 2020) Will report.


Keyboards dont have Navajo on them so i do the closest thing and yet its still wrong. I can speak the forst three lesson fluently and understand the words and what they mean accept what we have duolingo. Absolutely terrible how they cant accept tgis one answer with TYPOS in it


Man, what is that letter, looks like a strange letter "a" ???!!


Sorry, typo, I meant strange letter " a" !!??


Its navanjo language they write like that theres no problem with that


What's the difference between yį́yą́ and daosą́ʼ? Is the first 3rd person singular, the second 2nd person singular + 2nd person plural? Probably wrong.


yį́yą́ is «am eating» (a verb) and daosą́ is all of you does that answer your question?


Keyboards don't have a Navajo language on it so how do you expect it to write In Navajo


On a computer, there is a clickable bar of special characters right under the text box you're typing into. On a phone, you can download a Navajo keyboard.


Cant download navajo on samsund phone


I did correct shima dah woozh yiya. Whts the matter?? No navajo keyboard you do nothinng anything duh grr


Yiya....i don't have accents for this word...


Can't access a keyboard on this phone with the Navajo type set. How do I advsnce uf it won't let me mive to next sentence.


I cannot put these accents down. Why are they continually marking my answers wrong, when they didn't before?


My android keyboard will not allow me to make both accents on a vowel. I know I can do this on my computer, with accented vowels provided. This is going to be a problem if the program won't allow me to proceed as it interprets this as "getting it wrong." Please provide the accented vowels for cellphone as you do for computer interface.

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