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  5. "The city is there."

"The city is there."

Translation:اَلْمَدينة هُناك.

August 12, 2019



Is it wrong to change the words?


The article AL i have noticed sometimes the alef has a diacritic short A above it and sometimes not. Is this a gender thing? I cant figure it out


RyanLeBlan16, do you mean "sometimes it is "اَل" with fatHa over the 2alif and sometimes it is "ال"? No, it has nothing to do with the gender things but is just how Duolingo's writing style is.


Why it is not “Al-Madina Hunalika or Hunalik?”



We can use هنالك "hunaalika" as the replacement of هناك "hunaaka" with the same meaning. But, I don't think Duolingo would accept هنالك. Perhaps, you can try to report it if your answer is rejected.

In addition, هنالك can also mean "the city is there (far)" while هناك means "the city is there (near)".

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