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"Lei aveva portato la fotografia ovunque."

Translation:She had taken the photograph everywhere.

April 18, 2013



I'm not sure but it sounds like :" Lei MI aveva ... "


Photography is in the hint dictionary for 'fotografia' but is not accepted in that sentence. Is that normal?


This sentence out of context is really confusing. At first I put "the photograph" (the correct answer) and then thought that "ovunque" is a plural sort of word so changed it to "photographs" which was not accepted. Then I realised that it could mean that she physically took a printed photo everywhere with her to show others.


How can "She has carried the photo everywhere" be a correct solution, while "She had carried the photo everywhere" is marked wrong?...


Actually you are perfectly right: the "She had carried the photo everywhere" would have been formulated as "Lei aveva portato la fotografia ovunque", wheter ''She has carried the photo everywhere" I would have expressed as "Lei ha portato la fotografia ovunque"...

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