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"أَنا مَريض وَأَنْتِ كَيْفِك يا لَمى؟"

Translation:I am sick. And you, how are you, Lama?

August 13, 2019



I lost my job And how's school?

My sister just died And how's your car running?


I remember مريض means sick because it sounds like "married", which is a type of mental illness


Thank you for making me laugh


Is أنت necessary in this sentence? Seems like كيفك would cover that.


It's a way to say: "and you? What's up? " as a response to a question .. Ex: How are you ==> I'm sick, and you? How are you?


Maybe أنت was added for highlighting the meaning"you".可能是为了强调“你”这个意思。


seriously? "i am sick And you how are you?" who talks like that? this app gets on my nerves.


So the main idea for this is trying to make a literal translation from Arabic to English, So you're able to understand the sentence in Arabic and break it down.. For Arabic this is the way we ask a question.


Indeed. And nobody British says "I am sick": it is an Americanism. "I am ill", for preference. And also it should be "but how are you?" rather than "and how are you". However, if you give that answer it is marked down. It's very annoying: I know it's only a computer program, but it comes over as hypocritical: it is supposed to be teaching us to speak idiomatic Arabic, but it can't even be bothered to speak idiomatic English to us.


Just had this marked down again. "And you, how are you?" is just grotesque. Nobody would say that.


After some experimentation, it seems that what it really objects to is the use of "but" rather than "and". "But" is practically obligatory here in English, because it marks an opposition between what goes before and what goes after, which politeness would require in this situation (you are not going to assume that Lama is ill just because you are ill).


1) If we follow Standard, it will be:

أَنَا مريضٌ وأََنْتِ كَيْفَ حَالُكِ يا لمى؟

"2anaa mariiD(un) wa 2anti kaifa Haaluki yaa lamaa?" - It is "kaifa Haaluki".

2) I translated "I'm sick and how are you Lama" and Duolingo accepted my answer without the "Typo" warning. :))


My sister translated it 'I am a sick Lama


This is not MSA, does anybody know where one can learn MSA?


I hate the way that the program make my answers wrong though i'm Arabic Lol.


The word "أنت" in the sentence is for males but the person who was the question for is a girl....Who study Arabic have to focus in that point bc there's words for males and females.


With respect it does have the female form of انت and also of كيفك to match the name of the girl being spoken to!


Annoyed that 'ill' is not accepted instead of 'sick'!

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