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Arabic is too simple

I've been taking the Arabic courses for a couple months now and I am getting quite frustrated. Full disclosure, I used to be fluent in the language and I am actively trying to get it back, so I am more advanced than most people beginning this course. That being said, I feel like there is far too much emphasis on learning how to pronounce words and not nearly enough emphasis on what those words mean.

I have skipped through to lesson 20 and still haven't moved beyond the pleasantries and peoples' occupations. And even in those lessons, 2/3 of the time is still spent on pronunciation of words that are not defined. Will this get more challenging?

August 13, 2019



As an absolute beginner and someone who wants to gain basic literacy, I think the heavy emphasis on alphabet in the beginning is a good thing. But I agree that there is a huge missed opportunity when they teach a word for pronunciation and fail to include a translation; we could be killing two birds with one stone.

For most self-taught people with no experience in the language, learning Arabic will be a long, slow process. At least there is something here to get us started free of cost. I am grateful for that much.


I'm halfway through the tree and we're still learning the alphabet!!! This tree is a trainwreck. I highly doubt you will get anything from it especially since you're not an absolute beginner. Also, although in beta, the course seems abandoned by its creators, there doesn't seem to be anyone around to answer questions or clarify things.

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If you think no one is answering questions around, then probably you need to re-check the forum posts (specifically in the sentences section)


I'm having the same problem. I would suggest ArabicPod101- they have a website with which you can have a free account or have a pretty useful paid subscription (I'd suggest waiting until the sales come on),‚Äč but they also have a youtube channel. The listening comprehension videos are the best part, in my opinion. Best of luck!


For us who we haven't known the alphabet before it is very important because it is quite different. I hope there will be added more skills soon, though, in which the alphabet is then considered basic knowledge.

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