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Increase the size of the arabic texts

I have noticed that the arabic words are written in very small size fonts but the cards have very clear and visible words. Duolingo should increase the size of the text as it is very difficult to make out all the symbols and letters present in text.

P.S. - Please upvote the post so Duolingo might see the issue.

August 13, 2019



I COMPLETELY agree! It's hard when matching the words! I sometimes get them wrong only because I can't see them! I'm using both my computer and my phone.


Absolutely. I've strained my eyes terribly trying to work with the tiny script. It's a genuinely painful physical ordeal.


It’s so strange that the “flash Cards” are so large and legible, but the written Arabic in the lessons in minuscule on iPad and iPhone. Surely the makers of this course must have thought about that?!


I agree. I use a laptop and have to enlarge the text to see the differences between the letters. But there is a theory in learning written music that learning the notes written out small helps you read the music more fluently, but whilst we are learning which sounds are made by which markings, we need to be able to distinguish between the different ones.


Yes I agree. Duolingo, can you try to reprogram the font size settings please? Sometimes I have to take a screenshot and magnify it, especially for new words.


Who would have guessed that a magnifying glass would be an important tool to learn Arabic!!


thanks it works


If you have a chromebook, you can go to the accessibility button (lower right corner of the screen) and there is 2 magnifiers. I recommend the ¨docked¨ magnifier.


I totally agree. I need to have larger fonts, so I have to zoom, otherwise, I can't see what is written. But by zooming, I don't see all the page in one view anymore.

And, please, arrange the pages with the word blocks so that we can read what we write. The blocks and the writing are on the same line.


To my eye, it would be so much easier to have a column of words in Roman letters and a column of words in Arabic and just match them. It’s confusing to have it all mixed up in the same line.


I completely agree with this problem. Some of us who starts getting familiar with the letters and phrases (including me) might not see the tiny and little differences in the arabic alphabet due to the small font size. I would greatly appreciate if you could increase the font size. I would love to connect the fun of learning Arabic with not straining my eyes.


I agree. Maybe the writing is big enough on my laptop screen.


I agree, I mainly use duolingo on my phone and I have to reset the phone's font up (and back) everytime I use the app, it's a workaround at least but a pain each time.


yes, please! it's really hard to see long sentences on phone screen correctly.


TOTALLY AGREE!!! I HATE having to squint at the letters which are so small I can't see the difference between some of them.


It is very hard to distinguish the very small Arabic text in the sentences part of exercises. The single word cards are excellent.


I have my browser set to zoom in on the lesson pages as a result of this. The Arabic type is way too small!


I love Duo. Having said this, they MUST do something about the so-small-as-to-be-illegible font! I have to use a magnifying glass! I wish there were a more direct way to give feedback, as obviously nothing has changed in many months.


Im getting eye strain! it putting me off learning! The phone app is a joke. Its such a shame. Same for Chinese!! Bigger!! Before we all go blind.


While we appreciate your desire to help, why should it be up to the users to make the app work correctly? That is a minimum effort the app makers should expect from themselves. The solutions offered by these are not obvious to average users, so don't you think the app creator should be responsive to, even understanding of, the plight of their users?


Disappointing to see that this significant flaw in the Arabic course was posted a year ago and still hasn't been resolved!


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


Hello MARUF, my name is Paolo and I am an absolutely beginner in studying Arabic. I like your post very much: that's true the arabic words are too small to be read easily. I , of course, upvote your post and I gave you some lingots. I put a post now for the first time. I am from Italy, where are you from? Greetings Paolo


That's right, Arabic has many letters that are similar in shape, especially when the letters are stuck together, so it may be difficult to read if the font is small .


Yes. This is correct. It is cray that there is a big empty screen with lots of space and there are tiny little Arabic letters which we cannot see properly. Useless.

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