educators in english: demotivation

It is very discouraging, when one asks questions or makes comments on Duolingo and there is no response. A good learning situation has active communication between student and teacher. In Duolingo one learns in a vacuum, Questions and comments are seldom answered or acknowledged. And all paying for Duolingo seems to achieve is freedom from ads.

I appreciate the new formation of Duolingo, but it could go much further. Sometimes one's questions are dealt with, but it's hard to find the responses. And after months of doing Duolingo, I am still only working in the present tense. We need more practice emphasis on verb forms. I can only use future by using aller.

And what are crowns for? do they have any value? Is it possible to use them.

Finally, will anyone ever respond to my queries, or am I shouting into an abyss?

August 13, 2019, 11:54 AM


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