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"You have a blue skirt, George."

Translation:عِنْدَك تَنّورة زَرْقاء يا جورْج.

August 13, 2019



هو رجول أسكتلنحي

[deactivated user]

    Do not tell a Scot he’s wearing a skirt! It’s a kilt. Many Englishmen have died making that mistake.


    A skirt and George? Really?!


    These Duolingo sentences sound almost like spy code lines, and meant something else entirely. WW2 or Cold War infiltrators usually said similar lines like "Uncle Sam uses a bra for an underwear" to sleeper agents to identify one to the other, as they were had valuable assets or resources for use during infiltration...


    Ha ha! They are random! Im so used to it now ive just accepted them!


    is duolingo planning ww3

    careful language learners....only polyglots survive

    [deactivated user]

      Does the gender of the color not change according to the object it refers to? I would expect it to be زرقاة. Or am I missing something?


      You are right, the colour must match the gender of the noun. However most colours have irregular feminine forms. Blue masculine is أزرق and feminine is زرقاء


      George is a man, how can he have a skirt?


      I think they're trying to teach us, by trial and error, that it's the item's inherent gender we need to look at to decide the form of the colour, rather than the gender of the wearer. If only girls were used in the sentences, this wouldn't be as clear.


      Lots of ways! See aldamen's post, for example.


      Why wrong.....Judy or George


      My understanding is (based on trial and error), that the gender of the colour used depends on the gender of the item of clothing, NOT the gender of the wearer (Judy/George).

      So some things (nouns) are inherently male or female.

      Coat is masculine. Hat is feminine (has ta marbuta). Skirt is feminine (has ta marbuta). Tshirt is masculine. Blouse is feminine (has ta marbuta).

      For Masculine use: Buniyy, azraq, abyad. For Feminine use: Buniyyah, zarqah and bayda.

      Hope that works for you!


      Finally answer of my question


      As with Judy and Carrie there is a political agenda here.


      Not necessarily. Maybe George bought the skirt so that he can give it to someone else. Maybe someone left the skirt with George by accident. (And honestly, even if George wears the skirt... so what? You can disapprove of the hypothetical George and still utter the sentence for the sake of learning the language. Pretend George is in a book or a movie, and not someone you are addressing directly, if it helps ease your discomfort.)

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