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Splitting the Ber- lesson into multiple lessons

The Ber- lesson (https://www.duolingo.com/skill/id/Ber--Verbs/tips-and-notes) is excessively hard for multiple learners that I've talked to. Since almost all words in this lesson start with ber- (some with be-) they are hard to distinguish. On top of that there are about 2 to 3 times as many words to learn in this lesson.

Compare the Ber- vocabulary to the lesson right after, Questions:

Ber-: berhasil, berjalan, berhenti, berdiri, berada, bersaing, bertemu, berangkat, berubah, berbicara, berkembang, berkunjung, berkumpul, berlaku, bekerja, belajar, bermain, berpikir, bersama, berasal, berharap, bergerak (22 things to learn)

Questions: apa, kenapa, bagaimana, kapan, di mana, benar, salah, kah, mengapa, pertanyaan (10 things to learn)

Personally, this lesson was very frustrating for me because I felt I was confronted with too much new learning content. I also did not retain all words even after passing level 5, which hadn't happened until then.

Therefore I would suggest splitting up this lesson into Ber- 1 and Ber- 2. Eleven words per lesson would be much better manageable than the current 22 words in one single lesson.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

August 13, 2019



I agree that it's easier to have less lessons per skill, but there are no plans to change the tree.
So, we'll have to do it with the current tree.

If you want to focus on the new introduced words per skill, then you could use this Tinycard deck for the "ber-" skill :

There is a separate deck for each skill in this course.
This is the link to the collection of 69 decks:
Tinycards Bahasa Indonesia, Kosakata Kursus Duolingo.

See original topic here for more "words lists" :
Tinycards Bahasa Indonesia, Kosakata Kursus Duolingo .


Some lessons are indeed a bit more difficult than others to learn. Myself, I had problems learning the Pe-an https://www.duolingo.com/skill/id/Pe-an/tips-and-notes lessons because also that lessons contains a lot of new words that have somewhat the same meaning. What really helps for me are the Duoling flashcards: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/MP7cyWHg/bahasa-indonesia-pe-an (thanks @https://tinycards.duolingo.com/users/Rick392366).

On my phone I've installed also a flashcard application and added the words I found hard to remember. When I commute I use these flashcards to learn every day 10 new words. Repetition really helps.


Don't worry too much about the number of ber- words.
You also learn new base words.
These base words can be used with other affixes as well.
It's a combination, [base words] + [affixes].
BTW, the link that you gave explains the functions of ber- prefix.
If you understand these functions + you know other base words, then you can understand more than these 22 ber- verbs.


Sama dan saya setuju, tp, ni baik.


Not sure if this is the right place to ask - is there a way to repeat a level (as a practice exercise)? I have the same problem remembering Ber-verbs, and wondered if I could in effect rewind the current exercise level (more than once if necessary) ? Maybe I've missed something, but I haven't found a way to do that. Otherwise it just seems to keep progressing to the next set of exercises .....


Within the course itself, if you progress to the next level, you'll be repeating the same exercises as in the previous levels.
Well...at least that's how it works with the other Duolingo courses, and I assume this course works the same.
You don't get new words when you progress from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 ...etc....
The higher levels are repetitions of the same words and sentences.
Once you reach level 5, there will be a "practice button" for this skill on the homepage.

If you're not at level 5 yet, then you can try this page :

Click on the "dumbbell icon" of the skill that you want to practice.


The is little reason to repeat a level as each level builds on the previous one; hence some repetition. After you complete level 5, clicking on that level with revise all of the skill covered.


I personally believe the two "Me- verb" lessons were more overwhelming than the "ber- verb" lesson. You get ~25ish words for each lesson. I believe it is better now than when I was going through it because the note explains the function of the prefex "me-" vs the root word. So at least now new learners can better understand what they are looking for in the words.

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